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 “Elizabeth is a creative and experienced organizer whose talent and problem-solving skills helped to create effective and long-term solutions for impossibly problematic areas in my home.  She is very kind and professional and patiently listened to all my concerns before drawing an effective and individualized plan to tackle all the issues, considering my life-style and personal use of the space.  Her solutions are simple and lasting.   I’m very pleased with the results and I recommend her services with the highest possible enthusiasm.” 
Silvia C., New York City

“Elizabeth worked some amazing magic at our home.  As a busy mother of two young kids, I love to entertain and to keep a well- lived atmosphere around the house.  Her skilled and insightful solutions brought a streamlined flow to our daily routine. The first holiday we celebrated after she organized the house was so easy and fun to set up and wrap up.  How did we do it before? Everything around the house makes sense and is right at hand, while we still feel cozy and at home.  She is very clever in spotting problem areas and finding solutions that feel natural and are easy to maintain.  Elizabeth is personable, discreet, fun to work with, and a real partner. She enjoys her work so much that she makes you feel really valued as a customer.  Best investment I ever made in our home!”  Lilian R., Greenwich, CT     


“I hired Elizabeth from Beth Organizer because my home was a disaster, from the attic to the basement and garage. I needed to start organizing so I could find the things I needed in everyday life. Elizabeth helped me do just that with great organizing solutions. She assisted me with cleaning out what was not needed and rearranged the spaces beautifully with practical and amazing ideas, so that I could find my things easier. Everything is actually organized now! This is one of the best ideas I have invested in and I recommend Elizabeth to anyone who needs real organization. My home has become the warm, inviting, uncluttered place I always wanted it to be. Thank you, Elizabeth!” Jody Y., Westport, CT

“Elizabeth is a very pleasant, warm, friendly and flexible person to work with. She took time to understand my storage organization needs well. She made multiple visits to stores to find the right products. She created an organization system in the house that is easy to follow. I consider her services to be an investment in my house and they provide me peace of mind. Everything she organized for me looks beautiful and very presentable. Even when I have not used something for a year, I am easily able to locate it. I highly recommend her. N. J., Greenwich, CT

Elizabeth’s help was invaluable in unpacking and organizing our new place. She has creative ideas, is focused and gets the job done quickly and effectively. Her easy laugh and caring for each member of our family was a great stress-reliever during our undertaking. It was such a difference from our other moves that we can't even make a comparison. Our life is so busy that every moment of time we can save adds up to a lot in a year. She has actually created a lifestyle for us. Our new home is beautifully put together.  Our only regret is that we didn't find her sooner and hire her to de-junk and organize our home we moved out of.  We whole-heartedly recommend her.  Emma and Jerry W., Fairfield, CT

My experience with Elizabeth, from Beth Organizer, was better than I ever imagined. Her system has made it easy to keep my home in order, because there is a logical place to replace every item. Three months after the job was finished, the house is still organized! It is worth every penny. I definitely recommend Beth Organizer to anyone who needs their home organized and de-cluttered. Ellen P, Trumbull, CT

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